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Steam Turbine and Generator Reduced Minimum Load Considerations

Fig 2 Nozzle Block SPE

Background Reducing the minimum load at which a unit can reliably operate is one method to increase revenue potential during lower demand periods. For...

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Torsional Vibration Failures of Large Steam Turbine Generators

Fig 3 Torque

Background In the early 1970’s, the industry experienced a number of unsolved low-pressure turbine blade failures. The most notable occurred at the Pr...

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Stress Corrosion Cracking (SCC) of Low Pressure Rotor Blade Attachments

Fig 3 Blade Failures

Background Stress corrosion cracking (SCC) of low-pressure steam turbine rotor blade attachments is an industry issue on older fossil and nuclear unit...

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Crossing the retirement finish line with high temperature steam turbine rotors

Fig 7 SCC MT

Image Gallery Background New environmental regulations and the installation of renewable energy sources have resulted in...

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Main mechanical design challenges of repowering an existing steam turbine generator

Rotor Bore Flaw Examples

By Tom Reid, TG Advisers, Inc. Tom Reid is a consulting engineer for TG Advisers Inc. Tom and team provide engineering services to gas turbine, steam ...

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Structured Technical Reviews of Turbine-Generator Retrofits

Fig 2 Alstom Snubber

For older plants, turbine-generator retrofits are an effective and economical option to extend plant life. However, retrofits entail risks that, if no...

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Turbine Water Induction Protection Systems

Fig 1 Blade Damage

Background The accidental introduction of water in any part of a steam turbine can cause serious damage requiring extended outages to make costly repa...

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Don’t Lose Your Tune with Turbine Blade Damage


Blade Erosion Damage The later stages of low pressure (LP) turbine blades operate in a low quality steam environment. Design moisture levels can range...

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