TGA’s Technical Article is also featured in RMEL’s Summer 2019 Electric Energy magazine

Steam Turbine Cycling-Operator Considerations, Best Practices and Options for Optimization

Market dynamics are dictating increased unit cycling-Are you ready?

Regardless of age or design of steam turbines, there are industry best practices to help prepare for an uncertain future that certainly will include an uptick in cycling. In many cases, start-ups can be optimized from both a time and safety perspective with little or no capital investment through application of modern fracture mechanics technologies. Click for Complete Article

TGA Teaming Up with TETRA for Training in November

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TG Advisers and Tetra Engineering will be offering a 5-day Training Event November 4-8 at the Hilton Downtown Tampa. Through the use of course materials and practical case studies, class instruction will address failure modes, troubleshooting and life extension strategies for Boiler and HRSG, Steam and Gas Turbines and Generators. Option available to select from one or both course offerings.

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Thomas R. Reid PE: Recipient of Emerging Leader Award

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On May 21,2019,Thomas Reid PE,Engineering Manager at TG Advisers, received RMEL’s 2019 Emerging Leader Award in Phoenix, Arizona, where he was recognized among a group of new talent who are making an impact through significant contributions within the electric energy industry. Join us in congratulating Tom for his great efforts.

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TG Advisers at These Conferences

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On June 5, Steve Reid PE, President of TG Advisers, presented at EPRI’s Flexible Operations Conference in Pittsburgh. If you will be in Albuquerque, August 19, for the Steam Turbine Generator User Group (TGUG) workshop, be certain to attend Steve’s latest presentation titled “Lessons Learned with Generator Rotor Rewinds.”

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Annual Conference of Combined Cycle Steam Turbine Users Group for Best Practices and Lessons Learned in St. Louis. Stop by Booth 3 to meet Tom Reid and Matt Scoffone at the vendor fair Monday evening, August 26. TGA will also be addressing “Technical Considerations for Optimizing Steam Turbine Start Up Times” at the User Session on Tuesday, August 27.

TGA Golf Ball Key to Making a Hole in One!

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TGA Sr. Consultant, Bill Robbins got his first ever Hole in One at the Lighthouse Sound Golf Course in Ocean City, Maryland on May 20. Not certain if it was due to teeing off with a TGA golf ball, a great swing, or just luck. Whatever the forces that came into play-it made for a great celebration. Next thing we know he’ll be golfing without a handicap. Congratulations Bill.

Autograph from one of the Greats at Bethpage Black PGA Championship

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And if you aren’t scoring a hole in one, than it’s best to get an autograph from someone who has done so on more than one occasion. Steve and Tom Reid, highlighted their day visit at Bethpage Black Course with an autograph by Phil Mickelson. Phil didn’t win the PGA Championship but in the eyes of New York fans he is a true winner as crowds cheered and followed him throughout the course.

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