TG Advisers hosts acclaimed training courses on turbine generator troubleshooting, operational best practices, failure analysis, and outage management. These in-depth training courses have proven valuable to plant maintenance personnel, loss control engineers, and insurance industry representatives. TGA also provides control room operator training to teach your operations team on critical equipment, industry best practices, and human error mitigation techniques.  For custom courses, TGA offers pre-training operational audits and startup reviews to identify training opportunities. Courses can be held at your power plant and catered to your particular turbine generator unit configuration. We strongly believe successful learning is achieved through collaborative applications and therefore our courses are highly interactive and heavy with industry case studies allowing for discussions on failures and emergent issues. 

In recognition of our teams’ technical capabilities and experience, we have been selected to develop multiple turbine and generator best practice guides for the nuclear and fossil industries.  EPRI members are invited to check out our recently published study, Maintenance Guidelines for Generators Used in Simple and Combined Cycle Plants

Find out how TGA can help you with Education, Training, and Established Best Practice Guides.

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