Need additional engineering consulting support during turbine generator major outages? TGA fixed cost outage discovery packages are a great option to supplement your engineering team during the critical phases of the outage. Our decades of turbine and generator expertise is leveraged to help make quick and risk informed decisions that ultimately keep the outage on schedule and budget. Our packages include TGA’s engineering consultant’s onsite during the critical discovery and scope finalization phase of the outage, as well as remote support from our engineering experts. Our consultants are ready to troubleshoot or tackle any issue that arises!

Alliance Goals:

  • Priority Access to TGA’s Turbine Generator Expertise during Critical Outage Discovery and NDE Phase of your Outage
  • First Hand TGA Condition Assessments
  • Independent 3rd Party Repair, Replace, Reuse Analysis and Recommendations
  • Independent 3rd Party Review of Performance Assessments and/or Service Provider Recommendations
  • Review of Opening Clearances/Findings to identify Rebuild Considerations/Concerns
  • Outage and Repair Scope Finalization Assistance
  • Owners Representative in OEM/Service Provider Discussions
  • Integrate 35+ years of Troubleshooting, Emergent Issues, and Industry Best Practices into your Outage Decision Making
  • Quick, Well Informed, and Risk Based Decision Making to Avoid Costly Delays and Overages

Find out how TGA can help you with Turbine Generator Outage Discovery Packages.

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