TG Advisers’ team of subject matter experts provide thorough root cause failure analysis (RCFA) services to the power plant industry.  We utilize a fact and data-driven process to arrive at the most probable root cause(s).  Our method has proven highly beneficial to our clients in mitigating problem issues and ascertaining insurance or OEM settlements.  TG Advisers’ RCFA services comprise a wide range of concerns, from reoccurring BOP plant equipment to high profile industry failures on steam turbines, gas turbines, aeroderivatives, and electrical generators.    

Depending on the failure, TGA’s services often include:

  1. Site investigation
  2. Review of operational data and maintenance records 
  3. Metallurgical testing
  4. Finite element analysis (FEA)
  5. Design life calculations such as low and high cycle fatigue, fracture mechanics, creep, and erosion 
  6. Formal fact and data-driven evaluation of the root cause 
  7. Design and operational recommendations to mitigate future failures 
  8. Support in insurance and OEM discussions

TG Advisers staff has extensive OEM design, repair, and power plant operations experience proving extremely valuable for our RCFA services.  We are skilled in finite element analysis (FEA) modeling of turbine generator hardware and have extensive experience in completing design life calculations.  Depending on your needs, we can provide engineering consulting and/or facilitate or lead a formal failure analysis process.  If you have encountered a power plant failure or have a long-standing issue, inquire about our direct experience with projects having similar issues as yours.  Our ability to integrate lessons learned and best practices from the 500 plus completed projects in our extensive database is highly beneficial in the RCFA process.

Find out how TGA can help you with Steam Turbine, Gas Turbine, and Generator Root Cause Failure Analysis (RCFA).

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