We offer a structured process to assist you throughout your purchase of new or retrofit turbine generator equipment. With our OEM design experience and assessments of 400+ steam and gas turbine generator units, we will help your team identify weak points in the design and ask the tough questions! Addressing design issues as early as possible in the design cycle helps avoid costly delays and forced outages. Some examples of recent changes enacted, based on our integration in the design process, include improved axial clearances to address differential expansion concerns, blade material change, SPE coating additions, and changes to balance sleeve design and clearances for improved pump operability.

Need to recruit a bid for a new, retrofit, or a turbine generator repair project? Received a number of bids and want an independent review? TG Advisers will prepare the technical portion of bid specifications. Our extensive knowledge of OEM turbine and generator design and repair will assure that the bid specifications are comprehensive and technically feasible. TGA efforts will help ensure the bid meets the expectations and is in the best interest of you, the customer.

Find out how TGA can help you with New and Retrofit Turbine Generator Design Reviews.

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