Steam and Gas Turbine Generator Health Assessment

Service Overview

The key to effective O&M and outage planning is a thorough understanding of the condition and history of the turbine generator components in order to account for the numerous failure modes common to power generation applications. Recent NDE inspection reports alone do not allow for the most effective outage planning and troubleshooting as many failure modes are time dependent and/or chronic in nature.

TG Advisers, through its own established Turbine Generator Health Assessment Process, conducts interviews with operations and maintenance personnel, reviews available NDE and turbine outage inspection reports including those dating to unit commissioning, and incorporates detailed knowledge of turbine generator design, materials, and critical fleet service issues to develop a risk-weighted action plan for the next major outage.
Upon completion of the health assessment process, a report is issued which consists of the following:

  • Turbine Generator Unit Service History Review
  • Problem Area Analysis by Component (turbine, generator, valves, controls, systems, boiler, BOP
  • Weighted Ranking of issues by Probability and Potential Impact (forced outage probability
  • Action plans for critical issues
  • Executive Summary

Turbine generator action plans include recommendations for replacement parts, repair, inspection, and testing as well as troubleshooting and maintenance recommendations. Outage planning and spending is based on a risk-weighted analysis of critical issues. TG Advisers has completed more than 400 turbine generator engineering consulting assessments.

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