Turbine Generator Outage Planning, Maintenance, and Capital Optimization

Service Overview

We offer full turbine generator outage planning. This includes RFQ and outage specifications documents, full outage scopes and outage action items, engineering risk assessments, TIL and Service Bulletin reviews, turbine NDE inspection and generator testing requirements, owner’s representative, and much more.

Additionally, our customers have saved millions of dollars by transitioning from a fixed schedule of major turbine generator outages to a customized schedule of smaller component focused outages. In conjunction with the TGA Turbine Generator Health Assessment, the turbine generator outage interval extension analysis accounts for time-based risks associated with your unit to determine appropriate inspection intervals for each major turbine generator component. The economics of transitioning to time based, shorter, more frequent inspections are then evaluated and implemented to confirm the financial benefits of the new outage schedule. The result is a more appropriate turbine generator inspection regime with significant cost savings.

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