TG Advisers offers state of the art start up modeling and optimization for steam turbines.  Optimized turbine start ups offer many benefits such as reduced fuel and water costs, quicker and repeatable dispatch times, and reduced life consumption per start up.  As former turbine OEM engineers, TG Advisers ensures all critical start up requirements are maintained.  In almost all cases, optimizations are completed utilizing existing plant equipment and will not require capital upgrades.  

TG Advisers goal is to reduce cold start times while maintaining or improving the safety margin of the start up.  Our state of the art startup optimization process utilizes finite element analysis modeling of the limiting high- temperature rotor and plant operational data to calculate rotor metal temperatures, stresses, and critical crack sizes throughout the start up. Calculated critical crack sizes are compared to known flaws in the rotor that have been identified during prior inspections to ensure substantial safety margins.  Some options available to optimize start ups are: modification of steam conditions to reduce stresses while improving heat transfer, adjustment of hold speed and durations, steam seal preheat, and reductions of high speed and low load soaks.  TG Advisers also reviews pre-roll conditions and loading rates to identify opportunities for safe reductions.   

Our OEM background ensures critical startup parameters are not violated and that improved industry knowledge of aged rotors is incorporated.  Key elements to include are: ensuring rotor hold speeds are compliant with LP blade frequencies, high temperature rotor embrittlement is accounted for; fracture mechanics flaw growth per cycle allows remaining life targets is met, and steam superheat and allowable steam to metal temperature mismatches are not violated. TG Advisers incorporates lessons learned from industry testing on aged high temperature rotors and increases the Fracture Appearance Transition Temperature (FATT) in the embrittle zone of rotors.  This ensures acceptable material fracture toughness prior to introducing significant stresses to the rotor.   

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