TG Advisers has subject matter experts on staff in key areas to troubleshoot operational, design, and maintenance issues that may arise with power plant equipment. TGA possesses the expertise to assess a power plant’s full line of equipment, including steam turbines, frame and aeroderivative gas turbines, electrical generators, boilers, heat recovery steam generators, and balance of plant equipment.  

Examples of issues often encountered are transient critical speed vibration or thermally sensitive vibrations, valve closure/sticking concerns, turbine efficiency step changes or long term degradation, and operational anomalies.  A few examples of these potential anomalies may include turbine water inductions, turbine startup rolling issues, compressor or turbine blade loss, compressor stall/surge events, over temperature issues, casing leaking or distortion, and combustion instability concerns.  With the uptick in operational flexibility and increased startups, more operational issues can be expected. 

Most issues allow for remote review.  TG Advisers integrates the expert knowledge of our team of subject matter engineers with an extensive database of projects for a comprehensive analysis of issues and concerns.  Customary services include record review, data gathering, operator interviews, engineering analysis, and action plans to diagnose and correct the problem.  We also provide operator training to mitigate future recurrences of the issue if applicable.  As our firm has engineers based in OEM design experience, we provide state of the art engineering services in an independent and unbiased manner. 

Find out how TGA can help you with Steam Turbine, Gas Turbine, and Generator Operational Troubleshooting.

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